And … we are back!

FM and the city of Faenza.


I am so excited to share with all of you my latest italian food adventure.

But before I do, I would like to quickly apologize to all my readers for these two past months of absence. It has been slightly crazy around here, with christmas, studies and some traveling. I am now back with lots of new ideas I cannot wait to share with you. There will be some changes in the blog that I hope to uncover in the upcoming posts.

Now let’s get down to business, the business of great food.

Today I will be telling you about a top restaurant in the town of Faenza, known worldwide for its famous ceramics. Fabrizio Mantovani runs this very trendy restaurant located inside the Hotel Vittoria. The place is  stunning, high walls, huge windows, some really amazing furniture. FM, includes a restaurant, a Café and a delicatessen shop, selling some of the ingredients they use for their amazing recipes. They also have a patio where they often organize concerts. This night in particular, we had the opportunity to  listen to some Spanish guitar… an old time favourite of mine.

Such an amazing atmosphere goes together with even more amazing food. Our friends had been going on and on about it for ages, and I have to admit I was rather curious as what to expect.

The result was an absolute success of culinary creativity.

Here is what we had:



As an appetizer:  a goats cheese filled Macaroon, Black bread with octopus and fried Polenta (a triumph of different textures and flavors) and a mini “Panzerotto” filled with tomato and capers.

Appetizers were all served on a Faenza Ceramic tile.



We continued with four fish appetizers: a raw Shrimp with diced fruits and vegetables, Oysters and Pears, a Tuna Carpaccio with Clementines, and a Tuna Tartare, everything with a couple drops of Olive oil from the nearby village of Brisighella.

Course 1

Shrimps on a delicious Pumpkin cream


A salad of Farro and soft baked carrots, mixed with some aromatic herbs.


The most amazing Roasted Duck with an orange cream and Truffles


And a Steak Tartare with homemade mustard.

Then we took a pause..


Just before dessers

dessert 1

dessert 2

Triple chocolate cake with pumpkin ice cream

dessert 3

The meal and this restaurant were different from the sort of places we usually go to.

I am very happy to say it was an amazing evening, discovering different textures and flavors, all perfectly combined by the chef. It was a bit like attending a live performance, full of surprises, where Mantovani guided us through a whole set of experiences he had specially designed for that evening. Needless to say that if you want to try it you should book well in advance (0546.24720)

Last but not least, a special thank you to our partners in crime…

thank you