The end of our week in the Dolomites was marked by heavy rain and a fall in temperature. We started the day in bed with a warm hot chocolate from Fiori”, a patisserie in San Vito, and a good book. Perfect mountain plan.  A couple of hours later and realizing it was indeed our last day, we all agreed some tourism in a neighboring town was much needed. Brunico was the town of choice: the land of endless shopping and delicious food; Italian on the map, but with an ambiguous heart, which made all together very interesting. My native crowd  was full of excitement as we drove our way up there.

 Brunico, just an hour north of Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Val Pusteria, is a valley which connects Italy to Austria and is part of Alto Adige (AKA Sud Tirol) the german speaking region of Italy.

Val Pusteria is a green hilly glacial valley with small villages scattered all through its length. The main language is German and the place in fact resembles Austria just with traces of  “Italia” here and there.

Brunico is one of the main villages in the valley, known for its rustic centre, famous for shopping and its street markets, specially during Christmas. In the winter it is the main ski destination in the valley.


The choice of the restaurant was straightforward, as good Italian/Germans we went for lunch to a beer house, the one of Forst beer. Forst is one of the most famous italian beers from Alto Adige, and in fact one of the best ones.






As the day turned grayer and grayer we had, way too many beers…




“Piatto Forst”, with Smoked pork steak, sausage and pork ribs, with a side of cabbage


Schnitzel, or Cotoletta in Italian,



The pork ribs, with a sweet honey crust, this post’s recommendation



Potatoes with onion and speck to garnish



For Dessert we headed to Acherer, both a patisserie and a flowers shop, famous for their mini design cakes.



Mini Cappuccino Bavarese


Mini Passion fruit cake.


Mini rolled Sachertorte.


And that was all for this year’s Dolomiti adventure…


11 thoughts on “Brunico

  1. Too late! But fine..saved by th too many beers remark. A dreary place for a dreary day as autumn aproaches!!xxx

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  2. I know from the little pastries that you are in Austria rather than Italy because of their neatness . . . almost “fussiness,” as opposed to a more homey presentation. Also, the schnitzel! Oh schnitzel how I love thee! Wonderful photos!

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