Artichoke Salad

Artichoke Salad

After all that gelato stravaganza we had on the last post and with summer approching,  it is time for something slightly healthier and full of vitamins, just the way you like it.

Artichokes, the season’s veggie,  are in fact great for you in many ways. They are rich in minerals and vitamin C, Iron and Copper, to strengthen blood production and the liver. And like with most vegetable super foods, the healing properties of artichokes are more powerful when they are eaten raw.

I seldom use artichokes for how hard they are to peel and prepare, “Jerusalem” the book I told you about some time ago (here) had a recipe including raw artichokes, with a thorough explanation on how to peel them, I tried it and the result was great.



3 large artichokes

the juice of one lemon

Rucola (rocket)

Fresh mint leaves

Fresh Parsley

Pecorino Romano cheese (or any dry and salty cheese)

Salt, black pepper, and extra virgin olive oil



To peel the artichokes cut off the stalk, then remove the outer harder leaves. You will soon reach softer and lighter colored leaves, at this point cut off the upper 2/3 of the heads so that you are left with the bottom 1/3. Submerge the artichokes peeled this way into water and the juice of half a lemon for 15 minutes.


Once the artichokes have spent some minutes in the lemon water, with a sharp knife, start cutting the flower so that you obtain thin slices, at the bottom you will reach the hairy core of the flower which you can discard.

artichoke 1

Add the Rocket, the chopped Mint leaves, Parsley and Pecorino cheese.

Dress with salt, pepper, generous extra virgin olive oil and the juice from the other half a lemon.
artichoke 2


VOILA ! ! !


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