Gelato alla piastra

Gelato Alla Piastra 

Yes, it is that time of the year again.

 The City has been surprisingly warm these past days and hence the perfect moment to go for one of the best treats Bologna has to offer : Gelatos. If you have been following me over the past months you know I am a big fan of Italian ice-cream (I told you about some excellent Gelato here). Big  fan of the culture there is to it, the artisanal ways in which it is produced and the flavors and combinations. And I therefore hope to explore some more of it this year, and hopefully share it with you.

Today I will be telling you about a great place to have ice- cream, yet again, not any kind of Italian Gelato, today let me tell you all about gelato alla piastra

collage 1

Bologna’s city center is best discovered by foot. Once tired of walking sit back and enjoy  some ice cream under one of the city’s famous Porticos.  The “Gelateria Chocolate” is a great spot and  famous around the city for it’s unique “Gelato alla Piastra” (literally  Ice Cream on a hot plate).

This unique Gelateria is located on via Guerrazzi, just at the corner of Via Santo Stefano. The recipe is simple and sophisticated at the same time  … you choose your favourite flavors, a couple of toppings (you can have either meringues, cookies,  nuts or chocolate chips… or many others)  and then  your mix is thrown on to a frozen plate and is fused by a strong arm , you can watch the entire process and add more things as you go along (don’t get to greedy though!).

The mix is then put on a large wafer and finished off by  adding some whipped cream and chocolate.


This is the moment when you take your friend and walk about 50 meters to Piazza St Stefano. If you are lucky you might listen to some of music students playing for you. Sit back and enjoy your delicious and overly creamy ice-cream. As with any Italian ice-cream shop there are a million other gelato treats you could have.

Dolce fare niente



It is really too good to be true and definitely the naughtiest way to welcome the spring.





20 thoughts on “Gelato alla piastra

  1. Teresa, You are sinful human being! Always gorgeous photographs, beautiful anecdotes about precious food finds in one of my favorite countries. I feel like I’m either descending into Dante’s inferno because I’m not there or rising into Heaven with the loving touch you bring to this blog. Mille grazie from Austin, TX. –Ant

  2. Buona notte! I have been to Italy many times since in 1990. My wife and I honeymooned in Positano. I’ve walked the wall around Lucca. Ate a lemon cut from the orchard on the trail of the Cinque Terre. Swam in Largo de Garda. Ate roast pig at a Rennaissance festival in Monteriggioni. Soaked in the mineral springs not far from Castello di Tornano. Dined at Da Fiore in Venezia. Rented a Vespa on Isola Lipari. Met with young adults after hours in Campo di Fiori in Roma. Danced in the disco near the Fiumicina airport. Watched the Easter parade in Firenza before sneaking into the Botticelli gallery at the Uffizi ahead of the crowds. Enjoyed white beans and Vernaccia in San Gimignano. Bought custom painted pottery in Gubbio. Prayed at the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi. Saw St. Anthony’s tongue in Padua. Drank Soave in Soave. Spoke German in Bolzano. Stole an ashtray at the Villa d’Este in Cernobbio. Watched the moon cross the sky while listening to Aida in the Arena di Verona. Had a private tour of the Ferrari museum in Maranello. Took the overnight ferry from Napoli to Palermo with arrancini as a snack.

    In short, Italia has my heart. Your blog nourishes my need to connect with the country from which my family comes. Thank you for that. Keep up the great writing.

  3. Wow, fantastico! In Madrid there is a place where gelato alla piastra “Ben & Jerry” style is prepared (you chose the base and the different chunks you want to find in the middle, caramel swirl, etc and the owner will prepare it on a cold stone) don’t remember the name though… anyway, beautiful post!

  4. It seems a bit weird, but one of the best places for gelato in Bologna is at Lab 16 on via Zamboni. In the spring and summer they use the small piazza in front of the church just across from the entrance to Lab 16 and they fill it with tables and chairs and umbrellas and they sell drinks and gelato there. The mother-in-law of the owner of Lab 16 makes all of it by hand. I watch her often when I go in during the day to have a quick tea. It is amazing. I don’t think she’s started making it yet, but she will soon, and they’ll have it out in that little piazza.

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