Artusi’s cuisine

Emilia Romagna: a tale of two regions

Yet again a Romagnolan restaurant … this time : Pret à manger.

Emilia Romagna is considered a single region, but when it comes to culinary tradition it is divided into two (if not many more). Today’s post is about “Romagnolan” cuisine, in a restaurant located in the student quarter of Bologna (the main city on the Emilia side of the region). Romagnolan cuisine is slightly lighter than traditional Bolognese cuisine…Or so they say, and  I choose to believe.


Cà Pelletti is a restaurant located on via Altabella 15, specializing in cuisine from Romagna (the part of the region laying towards the Adriatic sea). A modern and comfortable restaurant, with wooden floors and tables scattered amongst two rooms. Traditional italian food served with a slighter modern touch and at great prices.IMG_8844


This restaurant’s pride is also in following Pellegrino Artusi’s  recipes. Artusi was a cook, literary critic and writer of the 19th century. Born in Forlimpopoli, at the heart of Romagna, he lived in between his hometown, Bologna and Firenze. He is best known for his top selling cook book “La scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangiare bene” , containing traditional recipes of italian regional cuisine, and written in a funny archaic Italian.

Cà Pelletti claims to cook after the Artusian science of cooking. Its recipes are simple, using few ingredients, and delicious. The restaurant has good prices ( We spent an average of 18 per head which excellent for Bologna standards) and the service is kind and attentive. They also have a great list of local wines, a take away service, and a surprisingly wide range of vegetarian options.


You can read other reviews here if you speak Italian or  here for English

We had:

Medaglioni of Piadina with “Stracchino” cheese ( a typical cream cheese from Romagna) , prosciutto and Rucola.


medaglioni 4

medaglioni 2

Farro and Pesto Salad with olives and fresh tomatoes.


Gramigna with sausage and green peas


Carrot and Broccoli Timballo (my personal favorite of the night, following the Artusi recipe, and a great vegetarian option!)



And for dessert a Piadina with Nutella (A combination of salty and sweet, by which I was not very convinced!)

piadina 2


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