Verona II


Verona is the second largest city in the region of Veneto and third in northern Italy. In addition to being a UNESCO world heritage site, it hosts many fairs and attractions (the most important being Vinitaly, the largest annual wine fair in Italy).

Before we plunge ourselves into dinner let’s have a look at one of Verona’s hottest tourist spots: the Capulet’s house. With a bronze statue of Giulietta whose breasts will bring good luck to the ones who touch them. The house is a XIII century mansion converted into a museum, you are allowed to visit the balcony and walk about to the neighboring roofs to enjoy the view.


As warned, today’s post and its recommendation will be all about food. Veronese food for that matter.

Cuisine in the northern regions of Italy is rich, full of Risottos, polenta and meat. Verona specializes in horse and donkey meat, which is usually served raw as a tartare, so for those of you who are horse lovers, stop reading here.

The province of Verona lays at the southern end of the Alps and includes, amongst others, the Valpolicella, a valley famous for its superb red wines.

We had dinner at Alcova del frate . A traditional Veronese Winery, tiny and cozy with about 10 tables; because of this it is a good idea to reserve (find them online here).


This place is known for the quality of both the food and the service (You can read reviews here and here).

As a first course we had the house’s Risotto all’Amarone. Amarone is the most refined of the wines of the Valpolicella, very rich in taste, even in a risotto!

IMG_8907 copia

IMG_8916 copia

Seconds were all composed of horse meat, the town’s specialty.

Starting with a classical Tagliata with parmesan and balsamic vinegar (have written about tagliatas before here and here).

IMG_8927 copia

Some Bistecca al Coltello (a sort of horse Steak Tartare cut in slightly bigger pieces) with nuts, Pecorino cheese, marjoram and a couple of drops of olive oil.

IMG_8917 copia

IMG_8919 copia

Horse Steak Tartare, with black olives and pine nuts.

IMG_8931 copia


Roasted mixed vegetables with potatoes on the side.


IMG_8920 copia

To drink with all this meat, we had a Ripasso from the Valpolicella (also a red from the valley).

IMG_8905 copia

and desserts

IMG_8943 copia

To say goodbye, a couple of pictures of our Verona by night tour.




12 thoughts on “Verona II

  1. The food looks amazing. Am not sure how I feel about the horse meat – but then I am not a vegetarian so perhaps I just need to get over it. Are they bred especially for eating do you know?

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