After a couple of months focusing on things other than the blog, the Gourmand Traveller is back in Italy.

Inaugurating 2014 with a post about a recent trip to Verona, a town of the northern region of Veneto, laying between the alps and the Lake Garda. Verona is an ancient roman town, also known for providing the set to Shakespare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”, it is one of Italy’s UNESCO world’s heritage sites.

Our tour starts walking along the river Adige, which circles the inner part of the city, and visiting the “Castel Vecchio” fortress, and its bridge.

collage 1

We then moved to the famous Roman Coliseum, the “Arena di Verona” which is still functioning after 2000 years and hosts countless events throughout the year. It is most famous for the summer Opera festival (find this year’s program here).

Verona IntroAfter wondering around the city center; specially lively on the weekend prior to Valentine’s day, lunch was in order… Having decided to leave the heavy machinery for dinner, our hosts took us to lunch at Eat’s, a sort of delicatesen supermarket integrating with a restaurant, all on the ground floor of a Harrods/Galeries Lafayette type store.

collage 3

The restaurant is modern and fun, you have different sections ranging from classic Italian, to fish, a bakery or even sushi, the tables are scattered inside the delicatessen market and a few stalls promote typical local products. There are  a few different fixed menus for 13 euros which usually include a drink a first or second course and a coffee/dessert.

collage 5

It is usually packed on weekends, so I advise you make reservations. If you are just wondering around Verona it is fantastic for a light lunch, whilst waiting for your table they will treat you to an Apertivo with a glass of local wine (in this case a Terre di San Leonardo, link here), a mini Tartare of fish or beef enriched with Olive oil from the shores of Lake Garda (produced and marketed here).

collage 6

collage 4

After waiting for 10 minutes we were sat down for lunch. The menus were such a great deal we tried all of them.

Menu 1: Sushi, mix of the chef


Menu 2: Horse meat Burger with fries.


Menu 3: Panzanella (a type of dry bread which is softened with water and olive oil before being served) with olives, fresh tomato and shredded bresaola, followed by a “Frittura di Paranza” (fried mixed fish).

menu 1 fish

As if it had not been enough, we were taken for dessert to Flego‘s, one of the city’s most famous Pasticcierias, known for it’s small and sophisticated cakes (which are an absolute MUST on your Verona tour).

Here is what happened…

collage 9


cakes 1

We were hosted by lovely Sara and Michele, who are to blame for a weekend of continuos indulgence and  to whom I dedicate today’s post.


On my next post you will hear all about the Capuleti’s family house and eating  some of Verona’s food specialties…


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