I  was hungry. As the clock struck 8, I realized how hungry I was and how little I had eaten that day. Still stuck at the library with a translation to do, I had firmly promised myself not to leave before finishing. Discipline is not my strength and I have made it my goal to conquer it. Yet somehow my stomach was starting to complain loudly.

  I finally got my esquimo attire on and headed home on my bike. It was 2 degrees under zero and my hands and entire body were shaking. It is in this friendly  state I arrived home and found that what I really felt like having for dinner was pasta. Of course not any kind of past :  Papardelle in a white wine mushroom sauce. This express recipe is easy, takes 10 minutes and was me trying a new kind of pasta.

Papardelle is a kind of fresh pasta from Tuscany (It is in fact a larger version of Tagliatelle, the famous kind from Emilia Romagna). The term fresh means that Pappardelle actually cook in 2 minutes. The sauce is outrageously simple and is composed of mushroom garlic, parsley and white wine .


I got these table mats as a house present. Apparently they came from Thyssen- Bornemisza shop, one of Madrid’s most outstanding  museums. And and absolute must if you are spending some days in the Spanish capital. I liked them so much I could not restrain myself from having a look at their web page… they have really smart things great for Christmas presents, do go and have a look (here).

As for the recipe : Chop you mushrooms  in thin slices and put them in a casserole with smashed garlic and olive oil on a low fire. Once they start shrinking add a glass of white wine. Cook and stir for some minutes longer.

IMG_7268 copia

Add 200 gr of Papardelle to salted boiling water. They will initially sink in the water, and will be cooked once they reemerge. The best trick is to cook them for a little bit less time and then allow them to cook for what ever time is missing in the sauce for more flavour.

Papardelle 2

Finish off with some Parmigiano and fresh parsley.

done 1


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