Chocolate show


Once upon a time, on a cold afternoon in November, a hungry girl went to an Italian Chocolate Fair. And went Mad thereafter.



It was full of types of chocolate she had never seen, nor imagined could exist. She ran from one stand to the next  unable to decide what she wanted, and thinking of having it all. And thank god someone stopped her.

The Choco fair was full of stands from all over Italy. It was packed with people dying to try the different varieties of chocolate. Nobody ever cries whilst eating chocolate. Used as a sweet treat by most, it has also medical and healing properties, and  some even as an aphrodisiac. This may be why chocolate has something which makes most of us drawn to it .


 Italians don’t cultivate cocoa, but they sure know how to produce chocolate. Like with many other things, they bring the raw material from outside, manipulate them carefully and produce some of the finest chocolate there is.

As I have come to learn with time, chocolate festivals or chocoshows are a huge event here in Italy. And from now on a date in my calendar. With Christmas approaching you can also find some excellent and original gifts in these fairs: Chocolate made tools? Chocolate spoons that melt in your coffee? or maybe a delicious chocolate and peanut Cremino?

Some of the highlights of the fair included :

strawberries with chocolate and whipped cream.


All sorts of chocolate truffles and bonbons, and some incredible chocolate tools.

collage 4

collage 5


Undoubtedly my favorite was the waffle full of  mascarpone and chocolate shavings… I mean, take a look and judge for yourself…



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