Osteria dei Cavalieri

As expected days are growing shorter, it is becoming increasingly cold and rainy. It reminds me slightly of those very grey days in London, when I rolled in bed happy as a cat dreading the idea of going out into the nasty weather. I would also drink endless amounts of tea.

To celebrate yet another gray day, or rather not get put off by the clouds hanging above me, I decided to take T  out for a savory dinner @ Osteria dei Cavalieri.

Osteria del Cavalieri  happens to be a small cozy restaurant under my old house on Viale Oriani…. however it was not until I moved to another apartment that I decided to give it a go. The result was far better than expected and is definitely a place to keep your eyes on in BO.


Located on via Oriani 38, la Osteria dei Cavalieri  ,is very romantic osteria: it has all the charm of a decadent restaurant and  the best quality food that characterises this city. It’s walls are full of old posters and bottles of liquors, all under the tenderness of  yellow lights. The waiter was amicable and correct. Told us quickly what there was to eat and advised us on what wine to have with the meat.

collage 1

This Osteria specialized in Tagliata (ive told you about it here), finely grilled beef steak sliced and seasoned with rosemary leaves and some of the best sea salt.

collage 2

I also got to try one of their salads made of lamb’s lettuce with  “Bruciatini”. Bruciatini are a delicacy of Emilia Romagna, they are made of tiny slices of bacon fried in balsamic vinegar to the point they become crispy and almost burnt (their name meaning tiny burns). These two ingredients were accompanied by Parmigiano and seasoned with a mustard vinaigrette.

collage 3

For dessert I indulged in the house’s chocolate cake with Mascarpone cream. Always a hit. There was not much sharing across the table at this point…



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