La Sagra del Tartufo

One of the great things about living in Italy with an Italian is that you get taken to all sorts of food fairs.  Italians Do love their food!

The Truffle fair I went to this past weekend was the sort of thing I envisaged to be doing on my new Italian Vita . 

It was all very much Eat Pray Love/Under the Tuscan Sun. A great combination of tasty food in a small, slightly falling into pieces, village in the middle of nowhere. It was all very romantic  and very cold.

Sagras are typical village food fairs held in different regions of Italy all year round. The subject (pretty much always food related) varies greatly from chestnuts to bacon to chocolate. Some of them are world famous and others are kept very local and rustic. Sagras in the autumn  have the added charm of the flavors and colours of the season.

tartufo 1

Tartufo (truffle); also known as the diamond of the kitchen for its high prices,  is a kind of subterranean fungus which grows in the proximity of tree’s roots. Mostly known around the world for the Piemontese Alba Truffle fair, it is in fact eaten all around the peninsula in countless ways.

Dovadola is a small village on the appennines which hosts an annual truffle fair in October every year (We went to the 47th edition). This Sagra is a great way to enjoy truffles at a more popular price surrounded by music and hungry crowds.

The fair includes a street market selling truffles and all sorts of other regional goodies, including fresh mushrooms, cheeses and charcuterie.

collage 7

tartufo 3

Food stalls are the main attraction. Usually packed with an army of the best village cooks.

tartufo 2

We started off with Crostini with liver and truffles paté, very typical from these mountains standing in between Romagna and Tuscany.



We continued with Tagliatelle with Ragù and freshly grated black truffles.


And we finished with fried eggs and truffles; all went down with warm piadina (typical flat bread from Romagna), chips,  and many glasses of the local Sangiovese.


A great start to Autumn!

I would love to know… what were you up to this weekend?!


8 thoughts on “La Sagra del Tartufo

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  4. I read this blog post a few weeks ago, and it inspired me to look for food festivals while in Tuscany a couple of weeks ago. We found a white truffle festival in Volterra and it was one of the highlights of our trip. Thanks for sharing!

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