Sushi Olé

To go to bed at night in Madrid marks you as a little queer. For a long time your friends will be a little uncomfortable about it. Nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night. Appointments with a friend are habitually made for after midnight at the cafe.”

Ernest Hemingway, Death in the Afternoon


Back in Madrid for a couple of weeks. I spent Saturday afternoon at El Circulo de Bellas Artes seeing the Photo exhibition by World Press Photo. El circulo de Bellas Artes is  located on la calle Alcalá, one of Madrid’s most important streets. The very beautiful  building was inaugurated in 1926 by King Alfonso XIII of Spain, and today constitutes a center for the ” protection of the arts” where you can find exhibitions, a restaurant and a terrace overlooking the center of Madrid. This is Madrid at its best and you should totally pop by if you are around.


collage 1

After the exhibition Tom and I met with some of my girlfriends for a drink/aperitif. We somehow ended up stopping by  at the 100 Montaditos, one of Spain’s most popular chains, which serves you beer and a montadito (a mini sandwich) for 1 euro (Spain at its cheapest!). The list is huge and the quality is ok.

 Drinks then turned into dinner and I found myself at Sushi Olé.  Today’s recommendation.

Sushi Olé is a trendy Japanese restaurant located on Calle Francisco Silvela 71, on Madrid’s Barrio Salamanca. My friend booked our table with El and got a 40 % discount (total way to go!!).


Sushi Olé is a two room restaurant, decorated in a minimalistic style with some Japanese motives and the kitchen on display at the entrance showing the chefs at work on your dinner. The sushi is of excellent quality (both its ingredients and preparation) ,  we ordered all sorts of yummy things and some rather strange dessert. To drink we had some wine, tinto de verano (a very typical Spanish wine mixture) and japanese beer.

collage 2

It was a real feast!

Tempura veggies on a base of rice seasoned with a sweet and sour sauce.


My favourite:

Salmon tartare on a base of finely chopped avocados.


We also had some:

collage 5

Some of the house’s warm dumplingsIMG_6313

And the classics

collage 8

Grilled seasoned salmon


For dessert we had some rather strange banana/nutella rice rolls (Which I do not recommend) and a delicious Fondant au Chocolat!


And the night’s crowd!! Marta, Miri, Carmen and Rocio… thanks for the fun night!


We got out of the restaurant at 11.30 o’clock after a few hours of dinner. We then ended off crashing  a pirate costume party… and so the night continued..


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