After climbing up the Alps  I definitely needed to counterpart the holiday with some relaxing days by the beach. An invitation for a weekend in Elba Island was just perfect.

Elba is the largest island of the Tuscan archipelago (map here). Before the start of my trip someone told me Elba was starting to be slightly overcrowded and had lost it´s autenticity. it Could not have been further from the reality. The island, along with it’s archipelago was declared a national park in 1996. This title and the strict building regulations that came along with it have spared this beautiful piece of land from the construction speculation that has ruined other parts of the country.
The beginning of September was also a fortunate choice for our holiday, as we skipped august crowds and still could enjoy nice sunny weather and tourist services running fully.

    collage 1

The island has the shape of a fish, we were staying in Cavo, a small coastal village at the top of the back fin of the fish. The village is tiny and very beautiful, It has a small port and a few restaurants and shops (I say few because you can count them on your fingers). The beach, like most of Elba’s beaches is made of small gravel, which may sometimes hurt your feet, but also allows for the water to be crystalline even with a wavy sea. Our wonderful host has the most unbelievable house on top of a hill, a 5 minute walk from the town, with an incredible view.

collage 2

What can you do in Elba?!

Start off with an “early” (not earlier than 9.30) breakfast of local figs and some strong coffee. Elba has countless different beaches. The best thing is to try a different one every day. The interior of the island is mountainous (the highest peak of Monte Capanne is 1000 mt above sea level) and in order to move around you are obliged to drive uphill through green mediterranean forests and into wild landscapes. Whether you stop to look at the landscape is your call, the viewpoints are many and the panorama breathtaking.

Have a light lunch at the beach and go visit the closest town, Elba has many old ports full of colorful shops and historic sites, do some shopping and maybe have a glass of local wine.

collage 3

On my first day we enjoyed the beach in Cavo, sunbathing an snorkeling in the transparent water.

In the afternoon, we walked around  Cavo, took some pictures and finished off with a spritz and small aperitivo of fried veggies in a foamy pastry.

By 9, still hungry we climbed up to the house for dinner. We had grilled fresh fish from the local market with salads, and figs for dessert.

collage 5

collage 6


More coming up! I would like to dedicate this first post to out wonderful host ANNA. Thank you for a delightful weekend!!


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