Beauty Recipe: ALOE


Two weeks of exams left me with very little time for blogging.  After a very long night celebrating my newly acquired freedom, followed by a bit of a nasty hangover I decided to take some time and get down to some serious blogging.

 Tonight’s post is different from what I usually write about. This good for you recipe will make you glow and will make your tan last for ever. As I told you on one of my last posts I spent the last part of my summer holiday at the island of Elba on the Tuscan archipelago (map here). There, among a lot of food, sea and some great wine, I got to know a bit more about Elba, its history, fun and its natural Aloe plantations.


Aloe has been fashionable for as long as I can remember. Half of the beauty soaps and creams I use have it as an ingredient. Yet after being spammed with it for most of my life I still did not know what is it that makes Aloe so good for everything.

Well…as they say Aloe Vera is much more than a plant. Used since egyptian times for its healing properties, it is still used today as the panacea for beauty and well-being;  whether it is bad skin or your stomach or inflammation. The active components are countless, it has a high concentration of vitamins, specially vitamin E, A and C, all anti oxidizing agents. Other components of Aloe are responsible for the extra hydration effects of the plant, and the anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Depending on the dose you ingest you can get different effects. Be aware!! if you use too much of it at once it might act as a purgative.

As the end of our stay approached I decided to try on this new recipe which promised  a smooth brown transition to the fall. 1 spoon a day and 3 weeks of library…and the tan still holds!! My skin has never looked better. The person who gave me this recipe swore that if you took it for 2 months before going to the beach you wouldn’t  even need sun screen (I would not advice going as far as that… but it definitely makes a difference).

This “shake” is dead easy to make . I have to admit it is one of the nastiest tasting things I have ever tried. A true example of something supposedly great for you, and just as disgusting when swallowed.


Aloe Vera leaves,

250 g of Honey

1 shot of Grappa


Step 1:

Clean carefully the leaves of Aloe. Cut off the spikes and all darker areas. You should leave only the green and more “succulent” parts. aloe1Step 2

For  the 250 g of Honey you should have 350 g of cleaned leaves of Aloe

IMG_6126Step 3

Cut everything finely and put it in a mixer.


Add the honey and the shot of Grappa. Do not hesitate in adding all the honey in, it will help killing the bitterness of the aloe. You use the grappa to make the shake last for some weeks in the fridge.IMG_6135



Mix everything for about 1 minute, or until everything is well liquified.


VOILA!! A spoon a day for a couple of weeks and you will get smooth, spots free, glowing, skin. If you are coming back from the sea, it will help keep your tan without the need of after-sun.

IMG_6152I would love to know…. what are your favourite beauty secrets?


7 thoughts on “Beauty Recipe: ALOE

  1. wow! This really caught my attention. Do you have any Aloe Vera leaves with you? I really want to try this recipe! Keep on with your blog!! It’s great! 🙂 Besitoss

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