Knödel and the end of a trip

Trentino series III: Rifugio Rosetta

On the last day of our Dolomitic adventure we paid a visit to the Rifugio Rosetta, another mountain hut laying on a rocky upland at 2581 meters above sea level.

The path to reach Rosetta crossed the upland with it’s rocks and snow fields. The landscape was magnificent and raw. Above us only some clouds and a deep blue sky.

The Rosetta mountain hut is very close to the upper station of a cable car coming directly from the village of S.Martino di Castrozza (apparently,  there is  no need to climb). Hence it is open also in the winter season, hosts a fantastic restaurant and, on any sunny day, gets assaulted by crowds of tourists who come to enjoy a spectacular and easily accessible panorama.


The restaurant is obviously specialized in local Trentino Alto Adige cuisine. We had as a first course Canederli speck e burro (also known by their more famous german name, Knödel), which are balls made of bread mixed in the north of Italy with Speck, served with butter and Parmigiano cheese.


The second course was a triumph of mountain food. We had, a spicy Goulash, wild mushrooms fried with butter and garlic, german sausages, smoked pork loin, sauerkraut, baked potatoes and polenta. Hiking mountains makes you hungry or rather we just hiked to get to this… worked both ways. To drink… huge amounts of beer.



This gigantic meal could not have been finished without a slice of apple Strudel, served with  whipped cream. We devoured it on the terrace overlooking the panorama.


Now, what people usually do after such a meal is relax and sleep in the sun and then hop on the cable car and go home.

This was not an option for my beloved Italian sherpa friends. Hence we embarked in an endless descent that took just too long. I learnt that going up is actually not the hardest bit of mountain climbing!
To conclude; leaving aside all the physical effort some people might endure, this is an awesome trip to do with friends. One can’t get over the fact that Italy has great places you can eat your way through.
Comming soon….Elba island.

10 thoughts on “Knödel and the end of a trip

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  2. Love your post with the lovely photos. Most people never visit this area of Italy and it is so beautiful and very interesting. The food is more Austrian than Italian and is delicious.

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