Gulash and the Alps

Trentino Series II: Rifugio Pradidali

Our first walk consisted of a 3h hike up the rocks to the “Rifugio Pradidali” (located 2278 meters high!).

It almost killed me.

What I thought was going to be a relatively long but easy walk, turned out to be the climbing of an endless and steep mountain.

collage 1

The beauty of the mountain path, and the feeling of being surrounded by the wilderness did not nearly compensate the physical effort. Luckily we stopped to enjoy the packed lunch we had brought with us, made of “Kipfels” (whole grain croissants with mixed seeds, very typical in the valley) and “Speck” (a smoked cured ham also typical from the Trentino Alto Adige region).


Partly recovered I was somehow able to finish the trek, and started enjoying the view.

The mountain hut is in a small valley surrounded by rocky peaks, overlooking a magnificent panorama. It is managed by the C.A.I (Club Alpino Italiano) and wears the club’s colors on it’s window blinds.


All C.A.I mountain huts are bound to provide basic recovery services to hikers (beds and water). The Rifugio Pradidali also offeres a fixed menu restaurant and, more importantly at these altitudes, a well supplied bar. Dinner consisted of “Goulash with Polenta” as a main course, and Chocolate mousse with whipped cream for dessert. The whole meal went down easily as we quaffed copious amounts of beer!

G IMG_5433

collage 4The lunar landscape was really something. It really felt as if you were altogether on a different planet. The effort of climbing a mountain and the feeling of accomplishment which came with it were very much worth it.

More to come…

collage 3


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