La Riviera Romagnola

Mi Ma and Il Pesce Azurro

Milano Maritima (also known as Mi Ma) is Emilia Romagna’s particular riviera. Located among pines on the east coast in between Rimini and  Ravenna, it has everything you would want from an Italian Riviera, and  maybe a bit too much so.

Mi Ma

During the day, the beach is full of “bagnos” where you can have a drink laying on your sunbed. MiMa is a perfect example of the way some italians like to enjoy beach life, very artificial beach concessions, entertainment at every hour, cocktails and free wifi. If you prefer something wilder you just have to run away further down the coast.

At night MiMa becomes this gigantic party. Full of Italians in their best (or not so best) dresses, drinking coktails on open terraces to the sound of overly loud music everywhere.


After a day in the beach we started off our night by walking down to Il Pesce Azurro (The Blue Fish).  This cheap and cheerful take away specialising in sea food has a huge terrace overlooking the central square of Milano Marittima. It is a cooperative managed by the region’s fisheries, who pride themselves in providing optimal fish at  a great price. This also makes it an exception, given the prices of other restaurants in the area. It’s 12 euros menu  included 5 different courses and as much as you can drink.

collage 1

The portions are enormous , as a matter of fact non of us managed to finish our meal.

Slow food meets Fast food, although with the appearance of a fast food take away, Il Pesce Azzurro’s core ingredients are all produced locally, and the recipes are traditional.

The night’s menu included:

Olive fritte filled with fish paté, Spaghetti alla Chitarra with a sauce of Mackerel and chickpeas.

collage 3

Followed by: Clams in a wine and garlic sauce, grilled Sardines with salad and a Monkfish fillet with grilled vegetables.

collage 5

As a dessert we grabbed an ice cream, sat down at one of Mi Ma’s terraces and had a Mojito  (there were so many places I can’t even remember which one it was!!) Fun night with Tom and Fun friends.

collage 4

Mi Ma is only 1 hour away from Bologna. A great idea for those traveling around the area in the heat, looking for  a refreshing stop and the experience of a night at a sparkling Italian Riviera.


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