Gelato Sandwich

Cremeria Santo Stefano

Bread and Ice-cream? It was not until  I came to Italy that I discovered that a brioche and a couple of scoops of ice – cream makes the best dessert ever. We indulge in creamy gelato from time to time. For most of us it is an occasional treat, and if we do it too often we feel slightly guilty.  A sandwich made of gelato just goes beyond anything known. It is an experience, a different one, we should all try at least once.

Today I am blogging about Cremeria Santo Stefano, a slightly classic gelateria for a rather indecent dessert. It is located under a portico in the middle of  via Santo Stefano (map here) , on the way to the two towers of Bologna. Carefully decorated  with creamy walls and a wooden counter it is full of small tables and shelves showing off their delicious treats.

Cremeria Santo Stefano

 Cremeria Santo Stefano offers much more than good old gelato.  On display you can find  marmalades,jams,  ice-cream cakes, chocolates (in the winter), gelato macaroons or Sicilian Cannoli.

Fridge full of god treats

Always packed with people. Its artisanal sweets look completely harmless but irresistible.

collage 2

The Sandwich

The  Gelato Sandwich was made out of a brioche and three scoops of gelato; including salty pistachio, nocciole and catalan cream.

The sandwich

 It somehow was devoured in a matter of minutes

The sandwich was gone

We also had what seemed like a rather boring cone with chocolate and pistachio.

collage 4

If you come to Italy and you like gelato. Do try the gelato sandwich you will not be disappointed.


6 thoughts on “Gelato Sandwich

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  2. Oh my word! This looks amazing! I’ve been to Italy and I went wild over gelato while I was there. I need to go back so I can try it in a sandwich. Thanks for sharing!

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