Back in Italy after almost a month and a half away, I decided to start off my stay in the best possible way, with the best Pizza in town and the best company.


Spacanapoli is right in the middle of Bologna’s student quarter, and the most popular pizzeria in the city. Always crowded with students from UNIBO (Bologna Universitiy), it is usually hard to get seated at first and you might have to wait, but fear not, it is worth your time.

Spaccanapoli is owned and managed by  a sort of Mamma from Naples who brings you extra large Napolitan pizzas (with a slightly thicker and tastier dough). The name itself honors one of Naples’s main roads called Spaccanapoli, literally meaning Naples Breaker.

Located under a Portico on via San Vitale and next to one of the old doors to the city, it has two dinning rooms and a great terrace for the warm season. The service is great and fast, pizzas are huge, and perfetto to share. Prices are ridiculously cheap.

And now… bring on the pizzas!


Parmigiana (Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, fried aubergine, parmesan cheese, fresh basil)

Spaccanapoli, like any good old Napolitan pizzeria bakes every pizza in a brick-oven. They are packed with flavor, wonderfully greasy, and salty, perfect for a night of culinary sin. I do warn you in advance that these pizzas are not for beginners nor healthy eaters… and might give you a hangover the next day. .

Yet… sone of the best I have ever had.


La mia Napoli (Fresh tomatoes, Bufala Mozzarella, Anchovies and fresh basi)




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