A quick lunch at Aliño

Aliño, a great and cheap take away at the very heart of the Malasaña quarter in Madrid.

My cousin Mariuca (at Dromme productions) ; who happens to be a great source of restaurants and places, had promised to take me somewhere new, exciting and with great food. Aliño is a tiny take away in Calle del Espiritu Santo 2 (Close to Bilbao tube station) in Madrid. Map here.

She described the food as “home made, of good quality and at great prices”. This was not far from reality. Aliño is a small take away with a couple of tables to sit down and eat. It is decorated with bright colors and a huge glass counter where you can see the different courses offered in the menu.


The menu includes two courses and a drink (for 5.50 euros!!). Their offer of Primeros included gazpacho, hummus, lentils salad or Cous Cous. As a Second course you could choose amongst, chicken curry with rice, Quinoa salads, Tortellini with pesto and green beans, grilled and marinated veggies, Spanish Omelette and more.

collage 2

There is also a selection of breads to choose from; I loved the ciabatta which went with the hummus.  The menu changes on a daily basis and the place is tiny so if you want to sit down I recommend you get there early.

collage 4

To drink, in addition to the usual beverages they offer a selection of freshly pressed juices and cold teas.  Fresh squeezed lemonade was the best choice in Madrid’s torrid heat (goes up to 40°C !).

collage 6


Add an extra euro to your menu and get a dessert.The food is guaranteed  to be organic and of the best quality. You can buy some of the products they use in the shop (in case you love Quinoa and don’t know where to find it).

collage T and M

This place is a 10 out of 10 . For the quality of food, the location and the very kind service.  I tried to do some online research before lunch and to my astonishment found practically nothing on it. Definitetly one of the best kept secrets of Malasaña.


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