Food for the Summer

Russian Salad

What is the perfect summer lunch/late dinner? For me it is light, cold and full of “good for you” ingredients.

What I love about Russian salad (or Spanish Potato Salad) is that it is one of those dishes you prepare in advance and leave in the fridge  to eat whenever, without having to do much else.  Russian salad is very popular in Spain. Its origins however are slightly further to the east. History tells that  it originated from Russia (Great revelation I am sure), the original recipe was the main course at a very popular restaurant in Moscow in the 1860s. Whilst the original recipe has been lost, many others have emerged around the world, usually adapting to the availability of ingredients.

This recipe is one of many. It is despicably simple, ingredients are relatively cheap and easy to get.


Shrimps (frozen ones work just fine)

A couple of carrots

A couple of potatoes

3 eggs


2 spoons of Mayonnaise

Ingredients 2

As mentioned before this recipe is a great source of “good for you” ingredients.

Carrots will help you have a lasting tan, Potatoes contrary to popular belief have about every nutrient you can think of  (except for Vitamin A), Eggs which according to this article (click here) are back as the latest “super food”, and shrimps which are great for just about everything; from memory improvement to the prevention of cancer or premature ageing.

Back to the recipe! Boil potatoes, carrots and eggs.


Prepare the shrimps by peeling them carefully and quickly frying them with a spoon of extra virgin olive oil.

collage 3

Chop all your ingredients into small squares.

collage 5

Add  mayo to your chopped ingredients and mix it all up with salt and pepper to taste.

collage 6

I would recommend to leave it in the fridge before indulging in it.


I would like to take advantage of this last line to thank wonderful Anca for teaching me how to prepare this recipe.


5 thoughts on “Food for the Summer

  1. Just a couple of suggestions from a russian salad lover (in all of its many varieties): A great idea for a deluxe version is substituting a can of russian king crab meat (Chatka is a popular brand) thoroughly cleaned of any hard cartilage. A worthwhile addition is very fne sweet peas also boiled if fresh or frozen, or direct from the can, buy the best you can find. A trick I sometimes use is adding some very finely diced onion for a different crunchy texture

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