Tea with Capuchina cake

Capuchina Cake was the first cake I ever learnt to do. It is tremendously easy and takes no time.  The next picture is a shot of me age 6 or 7; on a special family gathering of some sort, helping decorate capuchinas in Suesa.

First Capuchina

The making of Capuchina Cake…

Capuchina is a spongy cake made mainly of egg yolk and home-made syrup. Its origins are unclear,it is said it might have entered Spain from Northern Africa  centuries ago. Its sweet taste derives entirely from the syrup, as the base, or spongy part, does not contain any sugar. It bares the same name as a flower of the same colour, “capuchina“, in English “garden nasturtium”.

Ingredients (14-16 servings)

Cake: 11 egg yolks, 1 whole egg, and a big spoon of corn flour.

Syrup: 1 glass of water, 1 glass of sugar, lemon zest, and a stick of cinnamon.

Pre-heat oven at 170º.

You start off by separating the egg whites from the yolks. Add one whole egg to the yolks.  Beat at a regular speed for 15 minutes. You wont be needing the whites, I would recommend you use them to make a light Frittata or some Meringues (if you are still in the mood for something sweet 😛 )!

Step 1

After 15 minutes beating, and once you see the egg mix looks creamy, add 1 big spoon of corn flour and continue mixing for a couple of minutes.

Step 2

Pour the cream into the mould (add butter to the sides to prevent sticking)

2013-07-11 14.30.26 (2)

Bake for 20 minutes at 170º.

Below are some shots of myself, the “Capuchina” flower I mentioned above and my beautiful granmother Patrito with whom we’ve been staying these days.


Back to the recipe! Stick a big needle in the cake after approx 20 min (if it comes out clean it means your cake is ready otherwise let it bake for a couple more minutes). Once ready take it out of the oven and let it cool down for 20 minutes. Start preparing the syrup by mixing the sugar, water, lemon zest and cinnamon on a low fire. Stir until the sugar dissolves.

collage 6

Add syrup to the cake slowly and evenly.

collage 7

Leave it to cool down. You can serve alone or with some custard or lemon cream,  or even some chocolate. Either way it is yummy.

collage 9

tea with Capuchina


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