A feast at El Galeón

El Galeón

On our second night in Suesa, slightly burnt  from our first day at the beach we went out to eat some fish. Santander being a port city has great sea food.

 Surrounded by sea, green fields and cows I have to say Cantabria is one of my favourite regions in Spain. There is something very relaxing about it, whether it is the long days on its savage beaches, or the evening walks, I always feel reenergized by the end of my stay.

  El Galeón is a seafood restaurant in Ribamontaba del Mar. I had not been there for years (I must have been 12 on my last visit) and decided to  remember old times by rediscovering it with M. It is located in Somo (Map here); a small beach village which can be reached either by car or on a 20 minute boat ride from Santander.

El Galeón

They have a terrace they open up during the summer period. The waiter was  funny and chatty and told us everything there was to know about the menu.  We started off by having the most unbelievable cod croquettes (very tasty, crusty on the outside and deliciously soft in the inside). Croquettes are my favourite thing in the world. As a kid I used to indulge in them as if they were the ultimate food on the planet. Nowadays they have become a treat I have only when I’m home ( Delicious but quite heavy).

Cod Croquettes

We continued with perfect grilled Nécoras (small crabs) which we completely massacred in a matter of seconds.


We had the house white wine, and ordered a grilled monkfish as the main course.

More wine

Our very ugly monkfish arrived with some salad and fries on the side. It is a hideous fish, but it was perfectly grilled and just delicious.

collage 8

salad and chips

We had the perfect romantic evening, which was slightly overturned by the arrival of the bill, which this time we thought was a bit excessive. We remedied it with an ice cream and a walk down the beach.


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