Food for the summer II: Spanish Salmorejo

Spanish Salmorejo

Another refreshing recipe full of some of my favourite summer ingredients.  Salmorejo originates from Andalucia, it is a cold creamy soup easy to make and at a low cost. It is less known but as delicious as Gazpacho. Ingredients are very similar, but, as it has more bread, the texture is somewhat creamier and heavier.



– 1 kg of very red tomatoes.

– 3/4 of dry bread.

– 2-3 cloves of garlic

– Olive oil of the best quality

– Standard vinegar ( not balsamic)

Salmorejo in 3 steps


Peel the tomatoes by briefly sinking them in boiling water. Add everything else and Mix for 10 – 15 minutes at a medium-high speed. It is important you make sure everything is mixed together.

Leave in the fridge to cool down before eating, as it is most enjoyable when served cold. You can add a hard boiled egg, or small pieces of ham or green pepper to garnish.



This recipe is courtesy of Solar de Bujadas.


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