Breakfast with Pan Tumaca

Pan tumaca

Every time I come back to Spain I make sure I schedule at least a couple of days up north, with my grandparents. Suesa is a very small village close to Santander, also a 10 minute drive from the sea. Although the weather doesn’t always go with it (It rains a lot I have to say)  the beaches in this area are some of the most savage and beautiful I have ever seen. The area is also very popular amongst surfers.

Playa de Langre

The weather is absolutely unbelievable. Sun, sun and more sun

What a better way to start a day at the beach  than with tomatoes and olive oil?

Pan Tumaca literally entails a loaf of bread with chopped tomatoes spread on it with a dash of salt and a couple of drops of extra virgin olive oil. It is easy to make, provides all the necessary components to have a lasting tan (Vitamins and carotenoids) and it is absolutely delicious.

Start off by peeling the tomatoes by pouring boiling water on them; after a couple of minutes the skin will begin to wrinkle and comes off easily. Be careful not to burn your fingers!

Using a sharp knife cut the tomatoes into small pieces. Add olive oil and salt. Some people grate the tomatoes. You can also add very finely chopped garlic.

pan tumaca1

It is the perfect example of Mediterranean diet. Usually attributed to the region of Catalonia in Spain, it is also very common in other areas such as the Levante. In reality it is so easy to make that if you don’t have it, it is because you don’t want it.

Pan Tumaca IMG_4907


I also added a couple of slices of cured Spanish ham (Had to feed M some protein ;)).



6 thoughts on “Breakfast with Pan Tumaca

  1. Looks delicious and I love it that you served it outside too…there something about eating outside on a perfect weather. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend!

    • Hello Liz! Thank you very much for your comment! I totally agree; there is something great about eating outside (when possible) …. I just love it!
      I wish you a good weekend too!! xx

  2. Hola Teresa.
    Me encanta tu pagina, ha sido todo un descubrimiento, ahora que nos vamos 15 días a la Emilia y el Veneto, y vamos a pasar 6 días en Bologna, muchas gracias por los sitios que me has descubierto.

    Ahora unas puntualizaciones sobre el PA TUMACA, el verdadero nombre es PA AMB TOMÀQUET (PAN CON TOMATE) y la forma académica de prepararlo no es con trocitos de tomate, si no frotando el tomate maduro sobre el pan, que el pan haga de rallador, el mejor tomate para el pa amb tomàquet es el tomate de colgar (tomàquets de pejar) o los de pera si están muy maduros.
    Puedes frotar un ajo en pan tostado antes de poner el tomate.

    Muchísimas gracias por tu blog.


    • Hola!!

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario y me alegra que te haya gustado mi blog. Y gracias también por tu aportación en cuanto a como preparar Pa Amb Tomaquet, no soy ninguna experta en el tema y lo escribí basandome en mi propia experiencia.La idea de triturar antes es solo para que fuera mas sencillo y aprovechar mas el tomate. Igualmente muchas gracias por tu aportación y cuando tenga un minuto actualizaré el post.

      Te deseo un buen viaje por Italia y no dudes en preguntarme si necesitas alguna información sobre sitios…etc.

      Gracias a ti


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