Arroz Negro chez Jose Luis

Arroz Negro Chez Jose Luis

Arroz Negro (Literally black rice) is typical from Valencia. Its main characteristic is the black colour it takes from the ink of the squid used to make it. Jose Luis is a good friend of my family’s, a great player of spanish guitar, and in addition tells amazing jokes.

Some days ago, when Jose Luis rang to invite us both (M currently visiting) over to try his amazing Black Paella, we did not hesitate.  I wondered where he was going to do his Paella, as you usually do it in an open space using a specialized shallow pan also called paella (the name of the dish actually derives from the name of the pan) and he lives in a loft.  We soon discovered this was not going to be a problem.

negro 1

Jose Luis improvised a paella setting in no time and as you see from the pictures with very little effort.

negro 2

We had beer and rosé to drink. And some ice cream for dessert. Everything was absolutely delicious (we somehow managed to finish the entire thing!).


We were to catch an airplane to Santander that afternoon. We got on to the flight nicely full and a bit tipsy, and laughed  all the way.

We arrived in Santander just in time to enjoy a walk in the countryside and see the sun set.



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