Sunday tapas at … El Escondite



 Madrid, lunch at “El Escondite”  on an incredibly hot Sunday.

Slowly recovering from exam period; it takes me as long as a week to go back to looking normal, I took my brother and my besty Carmen to lunch (or rather they took me).

I was dying to sit on a terrace and finally enjoy the sun… Madrid in July means standing in the shade at a temperature of 35 degrees. So we needed a terrace which was close and somewhat refreshing. Carmen recommended the Escondite; promising delicious tapas and refreshing sprinklers from the ceiling. I was instantly sold!

El Escondite is a very popular chain of tapas restaurants. In addition to a huge variety of  tapas they also offer salads and what in Spain we call “raciones” which is nothing less than portions of food usually to share with others. They have a long list of cocktails and do Happy Hour from 5 to 8 pm.

That is one of the great things I love about Tapas, you get to have a drink and a light meal (or less light if you are hungry) with some of your favourite ingredients and hopefully with some of your favourite people.

On Sunday Gonzalo and I shared a ración of ham and béchamel croquettes and a salad made with  crispy bacon, caramelized onion and grilled goat’s cheese on a layer of fresh spinach,

collage 1

Carmen had a pintxo (a sort of Italian bruschetta)  composed of grilled entrecote served with foie gras on bread and some carpaccio with rucola and Parmigiano,

collage 2

mini cheese burgers and a pintxo of goat’s cheese and caramelized onion…

collage 3

For dessert Gonzalo had an ice cream and Carmen had a strawberry cocktail

collage 6

And I (as you see too white to appear in a picture next to Carmen) had a piña colada.

collage 5

Let the fun times begin!


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