Aperitvo at Zanarini


Aperitivo time at Zanarini…a Bolognese classic.

After a weekend of delicious food the time came to say goodbye.  On our last walk I took my visitors to the “Biblioteca Comunale dell’ Archiginnasio”; a beautiful palace built-in 1500 full of frescos and huge arches, which happens to be one of  the Bologna University’s first buildings. Nowadays it hosts a library, but inside you can visit the first anatomy classroom of Bologna; where bodies would be regularly dissected. If you are lucky to go with a student from Bologna University he will tell you with pride that this university was the first to be founded in the world. He will also tell you stories about how the church, not approving the practice of anatomic dissection, would send spies to monitor  from a secret room behind one of the statues. And run off and denounce any sort of witchcraft.

After our visit we sat down to have a good bye  aperitivo on a terrace at “Zanarini”; on the beautiful Piazza Galvani, just next to the Archiginnasio.


Zanarini is a very well-known and classy Bolognese Cafe. It opened its doors in 1928 and serves one of the most elegant aperitivos in town. We had a Spritz (Spritz is usually made of a prosseco base to which you add either Aperol or Campario and soda, it is served with ice and a slice of orange. Originally from Veneto, it is now the aperitivo drink in all northern Italy) and some wine.

The food was composed of tiny and very elaborate sandwiches, some beautifully presented salads, Parmigiano, some crisps and dried fruits. Fewer choices of food compared with other aperitivos in town, but the quality definitely makes it worth it. Although Zanarini is know for the quality of the service, I have to say they did seem slightly distracted, in any case the drinks and the food were perfect.

collage 2

And so we sad our goodbyes after an amazing weekend!



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