Sette Tavoli

Sette tavoli

Sette Tavoli

A couple of weeks ago two of my biggest blog followers came to visit me in Bologna. After all the fuss I’ve been making on my Italian food lately, I wanted to make sure they had a great time and an excellent foodie experience.

.As a long weekend lay ahead of us, I did not want them to be too full on their very first night, so I decided to take them somewhere traditional but not too raw.I wanted to show them a slightly more sophisticated side to Bolognese cuisine, more original and creative, and somewhat lighter… I  booked a table at the “Sette Tavoli, Bottigleria con cucina” (Literally Seven tables. Wine cellar with a Kitchen).

collage 8

.I discovered this gorgeous restaurant soon after I arrived in Bologna , whilst on my way to get an ice cream from “Sorbetteria Castiglione”. Located at the end of via Cartoleria; Sette Tavoli is a sort of very sophisticated osteria. With seven tables inside; they add a few more outside under a  portico in the summer. It is a small, very  exquisite restaurant in the heart of Bologna city.

.The kitchen is Italian varied. The fun part of this trattoria is that it changes its menu on a monthly basis, focusing on a different region each time.Last time I had a strawberry risotto from  Lombardia , this time we had specialties from Molise. In any case they also have a fixed menu  with some of the classics. So if you are in for Bolognese cuisine and you know what you want you can go straight to the point.

collage 1


.They have a great selection of wines, representing all italian regions (La carta) . The owner is always happy to advice you on what to have with what.

collage 2.

As an Antipasto, we shared a selection of specialties from Molise


collage 3

followed by some “spaghetti alla chitarra”; fresh pasta with a sauce made of  bacon and shrimps. And a beef tartare

collage 4.

Sette tavoli’s star dish is their  “tagliata” which is a finely cooked stake sliced and seasoned with rosemary and finished off by an exotic sea salt of your choise (blue from Persia, pink from Himalaya, brown smoked from Scandinavia.)

collage 5

For dessert we shared a “Tenerina” cake with mascarpone and a kiwi sorbet.

collage 6

To drink we had a Prosecco Valdobbiadene with the aperitives and  a red  from Valpollicella to go with the meat. Both from Veneto.

We ended the evening with a caipirinha in a Brazilian jazz bar which is literally 10 meters from the sette tavoli. Everyone enjoyed their food and I had a wonderful time.


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