Gelato series : Capo Nord

Capo Nord

Gelateria Capo Nord

I dont think any Bolognese would disagree with me when I say Bologna in the summer? best to run in the opposite direction.

My last weeks in town were torrid hot and very humid. Luckily the Gelateria Capo Nord is just around the corner, two steps away and constitutes the perfect late night treat. I just love popping out the house late in the evening for a midnight gelato, there is a sense of simplicity to it which screams life enjoyment.

collage gelato

The Gelateria “Capo Nord” is next to the “Giardini Margherita” on via Murry and in addition to making artisanal ice cream offers a wide range of delicious ice cakes,  home made jams, candied fruit and  bonbons.

This gelateria takes pride in using organic ingredients and producing everything in-house. They have any flavour you could possibly want or imagine. Their star “item”  is their selection  of olive oil made ice cream… (I know it sounds absolutely disgusting) but it actually is a lot of fun. For those of you who are vegan or lactose intolerant this ice cream is the best invention ever. It comes in 4  flavours (pistachio, hazelnut, chocolate and vanilla) and to my surprise is lighter than the traditional cream based ice cream. I have to admit my flatmates and myself are completely hooked!

capo nord 1

Currently in Madrid, will be posting on Spanish food soon!


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