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Gelateria Della Baita





The summer is here and all ice cream shops are open. Ice cream is not just a dessert for Italians, it is a proper summer ritual. According to my Italian friends, Bologna has some of the best ice cream places in the country. Opposite to other more touristy cities, its ice cream shops are usually artisanal providing all sorts of creamy flavours of the best quality. 



Whilst it is hard to find “bad” ice cream here in Bologna it is not always that easy to find the best one. Macho; my ice cream guru, is taking me on a pilgrimage of Bologna’s ice cream shops.  According to Macho good ice cream should be creamy without being too soft , liquid or icy, and; to my surprise, it should not be excessively sweet.

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The “Gelateria Artiganale Della Baita” is located off via Palagi (map here) just outside the city centre of Bologna. This Gelateria; furnished in perfect mountain hutch style, offers all the classic flavors you would expect and some more uncommon ones like ricotta with pears and pistachios. It is a habit of Bologna’s ice cream shops to offer “mixed” flavours with creative and funny names, so that every shop has its signature taste. “La Baita” follows this tradition by renewing it’s offering of ice cream with a new cocktail flavour every week. Also they serve fantastic “Granite” (fresh fruit with ice) made of fresh fruits and topped with their ice cream.

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