Parmigiana di Melanzane


I think I have so far established I like food, cooking it and eating it. With summer coming up I told Macho that I wanted to cut back on the food, just to make sure I am not one thousand kg by the time I get to go to the swimming pool. Hence, following a friends advice, we made a “light” Parmigana. Yes; the picture from above is from a “light” Parmigiana rather than the heavier fried version (????). …#HowdotheseItaliangirlsdoit.

The origins of the Parmigiana are somewhat disputed in between Sicily, Napoli and Parma. It is said that the name “Parmigana/ from Parma” comes from the Parmigano cheese on its last layer, or from the Sicilian word : Parmiciana. In any case La Pamigiana has by far outlived its origins and its variations are now found across the world.  In the process of making it I discovered that it is actually easy and only takes a few ingredients… Here we go!


– Tomato (I used tomatoes from a tin) and onions for the sauce

– Egg plant

– Cheese. With regard to the cheese I used Mozzarella and Parmesan, however you should use a harder cheese such as Provolone to make the Parmigiana more “compact”. If you can’t find any Provolone (as in my case) Mozzarella is absolutely fine. Special touch with fresh Basil and Origano leaves.

collage 1

Step 1: Preparing the ingredients

Make the tomato sauce by frying the onion and tomatoes together.

“La Mamma” of one of my flatmates says you ought to fry the egg plant “un attimo”(a second). Apparently Macho’s Nonna also believes in frying things “un attimo”.  I found this “attimo” frying passion they all have very funny, as frying things for “just a second” makes them just as heavy and usually takes way more than a couple of seconds .

The “light” alternative to frying was to grill the egg plant and add a tiny drop of olive oil mixed with salt and Origano.

collage 2

Step 2: Making the Parmigiana

Once all ingredients are ready, you start putting them together layer by layer. Egg plant, tomato sauce, cheese and egg plant again…etc.

collage 4

collage 3

Step 3:

You add the Parmesan right at the end.



Step 4:

Place in the oven at 180°C for an average 30 min.


Enjoy your light Parmigiana !



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