Pizzeria Da TOTO’

Pizzeria Da TOTO’

da toto 1

A classic Italian Pizzeria, Da Totò is located at the end of via del Pratello next to Porta San Felice. Via del Pratello (or “Il Pratello”) is a pedestrian road known for its bars and alternative crowds, a fun place to hang out pretty much any night of the week.

Totò is not fancy nor sophisticated, in fact the place is very much the opposite; however it serves the best pizzas in the area and it is regarded by many as an institution.

The pizzas are extra large (they barely fit in the plates), thin and crusty, topped with fresh ingredients. Their home made “Olio Piccante” (spicy oil) is real “piccante” so please be careful.

collage 3

I went to Da Toto with my Scottish friend Sara to celebrate one of her friend’s birthday. The pizza was delicious (almost managed to finish mine) and I got to meet some funny people and practice my Italian.


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