Light dinner at Zerocinquantino


If there was to be an equivalent to Spanish Tapas here in Bologna this would be it. Zerocinquantino is a sophisticated tavern with a great choice of wines and beers. There is no menu, all the food they serve comes written in a blackboard. It is all typically bolognese and crazy cheap.

collage 1

The blackboard is divided into 2 parts: Three different types of bread piadina, tigella and crescenta and a second part of things to go with it: long list of charcuterie , cheese and grilled veggies. In addition they also serve the best meatballs with Parmigiano in the world.

collage 2

I went to this place with Macho, his brother and a friend. We sat outside and had a couple of rounds of drinks and some food. This is a great place to stop by and have a light bite. You get all the great italian raw materials, and you sit in one of the most beautiful streets of the medieval centre of Bologna (map here).



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