Pizza night

Pizza night

Last Thursday evening we had some friends over for a pizza night. It was lots of fun, we made the pizzas, had beer and made some Kir Royal (Prosecco + Cassis, I was actually in charge of that!). It was a great night and a great opportunity to learn how to make pizza from the Pros.

collage 1

My flatmate Vero  taught me how to do the dough . She comes from Abruzzo and also has a ” Mamma” who provided us with the recipe. I had been wanting to learn how to make pizza from scratch for some time now. I admit I might have been pestering everyone to show me how to do it. A pizza night was the perfect excuse!

Making Pizza tutorial:

1 ) Ingredients (4 people)

Pizza 1.1


–       500 gr of flower.

–       Half a packet of beer yeast.

–       2 small spoons of sugar.

–       A dash of salt.

–       1 litre of water (slightly warm)-       Optional: Olive oil.


Start by mixing the sugar and the yeast  in a small cup. Leave aside for a couple of minutes. (We are “activating”  the yeast’s components).

Put the flower on the table in the shape of a Volcano. Literally.  Add mixture of Sugar and yeast.

Dissolve the salt in average temperature water and start pouring it into the volcano. Slowly.

collage 2

Start kneading the dough. The more you knead it the better.

collage 3

Once you have it ready you should cover it with some humid cloth and put it in a dark place. Again average temperature. You should leave it for a couple of hours (it should double in size).

Part II

Spread the dough and add ingredients. The basic ingredients are some tomato sauce (better if added with some salt, sugar pepper and olive oil) and mozzarella cheese. In this case as we were cooking for 10 people we used all sorts of additional ingredients (Ham to Salmon, ricotta, goat cheese, onion, basil…etc).  I will leave that up to you.

collage 4

And… Voila! Still need to work on the photo skills but this gives you an idea of how it should look like!


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