Aperitivo Time!

Prendiamo un Aperitivo?!

Aperitivo time is a very serious matter here in Italy. Whilst in other countries it is used as a small snack to stimulate your appetite, here it is a proper social gathering which can (easily) constitute an entire meal. From 6 to 9 , you can find bars offering a drink plus snack; usually a very sophisticated snack, for the average price of 6 to 10 euros in total (depending on how sophisticated the snack is).


Last Wednesday we went to “fare aperitivo” to 051, a trendy cosmopolitan bar with a summer terrace just under the windows of San Petronius Cathedral, located on one of the streets flowing from Piazza Maggiore (map here) . We arrived late and almost didn’t get seated, it is apparently the place to be on a Wednesday evening. We ordered a Mojito and a Spritz Aperol and we immersed ourselves in the food.

collage 1

The aperitivo was everything two tired/ slightly hungry people could wish for. It included different kinds of pastas, grilled vegetables (the Brussels sprouts were to die for), chicken wings, salads and some Parmigiano. I strongly recommend this place for those popping around bologna, looking for a trendy place  full of Bolognese people with a great atmosphere and excellent food.



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