Torta Tenerina

Torta  Tenerina

I made this chocolate cake ,or “Torta Tenerina”,as a dessert for a very special BBQ we went to last  Sunday. The Italian word “Tenerina” means easy to cut, chew, offering no resistance. This definition is the perfect description of this chocolate cake, which is slightly crusty on the outside and soft in the inside… and  just melts in your mouth.

collage Ing 1

“La Mamma” provided the recipe (I mean… how much more authentic can this get?)  and Macho helped out with some of the pictures. The cake was a complete success. Chiara, one of  Macho’s  friends brought Mascarpone cream to the feast, which combined with the chocolate cake was just too much. Total food porn. 

We eat and drank and eat again several times throughout the day. I guess this is what you are meant to do. I just can’t help but wonder… how do all those skinny Italians do it?


4 eggs.

200 gr butter.

200 gr sugar.

4 big spoons of flower.

200 gr dark chocolate.

Optional: walnuts


Melt chocolate (Bagno Maria and let it cool down).

Preheat the oven (180 degrees).


Mix egg yolk and sugar. Add melted butter (make sure it’s not warm or you will be getting a weird mix of scrambled eggs with sugar). Mix. Add the flower and Mix. Add melted chocolate and walnuts. MIX .MIXcollage 2


Beat egg whites until you can turn the bowl up side down without them falling on you. Add step 2 mixture and MIX Again.

collage 3


Put your dough into a cake mould (greased or with some baking paper). Bake for 20 minutes.

collage 4



3 thoughts on “Torta Tenerina

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  2. Hi, Teresa,
    The Torta Tenerina is…. Beliísima. 🙂 Your photos are just amazing and the dish looks fantastic. You also have a very clear voice – you are a good writer and connect well with the reader. This blog is a special place.

    Tell me, when you say that 4 spoonfuls of Flour is used… do you have any idea of the gram equivalent – or equivalent in American tablespoons? I would like to make this cake. I recently saw another amazing chocolate walnut cake from Stefan Gourmet, so I suppose that I must now try both! 🙂 Thank you for sharing – just fabulous.

    Best wishes,

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