Luxury Cars

Did you know… Bologna’s region is the heart of the italian Luxury Car Industry?

I didn’t.

Not that I know much about cars, to be honest I don’t drive (yet) and I know almost nothing. Last weekend I was wondering around the city center when I suddenly realized the streets were full of  Lamborghinis. As I came closer to the main square the number increased and once I got there I could not cross the streets because of all the cars. Luxury Car paradise? Almost.

collage Luxury Cars

Italy has longed enjoyed a reputation for its cars; both for design and speed. Its automobile industry goes back to 1884 when Enrico Bernardi built a tricycle car that ran on petrol fuel. In 1896 the first actual Italian car was produced. Macho, who of course knew everything about it, told me that actually Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati all originate from the area. Apparently Ducati motorcycles are also from here.

Like most other car manufacturers,  they all have a long history of take overs and reinventions. However, luckily for the Bolognese,  the headquarters, know how and factories still remain in the area (For car fanatics you can visit the Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati museums on your next visit to Bologna).

What we were witnessing was nothing less than Lamborghini’s 50 year anniversary. In order to celebrate in style they invited all owners of Lamborghinis to drive up and show off their cars. And so Lamborghinis appeared from all over the place  (Apparently  350 cars had come from over 50 countries). There was some sort of prize at the end (didn’t really grasp that part).  The city was full of amazing cars, old models, newer ones, many customized in extravagant ways, and happy owners displaying them. It actually made me wish to have one of those one day.

Luxury Car pic 2

Car lovers… enjoy the pics!


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