Date Night Out.

Osteria le sette chiese

Yesterday, after an 8 hour joyous marathon at the library (exams coming up) ,  Macho announced we were going out on a date. My comments on how much I desperately needed a glass of wine might have been the trigger. A bit of make up and off we went .

Routine can sometimes weight heavy. I am currently part time studying and working as a freelancer.  I get to organize my own schedule and decide when and how I do things. This would be great if it wasn’t because  somehow I make myself believe I can and should be doing more things (I call it the “I don’t have a serious job syndrome”), the result being my days never really end. What sometimes can lead to  a small amount of restless behavior .

Best is to stop and get some wine, and possibly food.

Le Sette Chiese (the seven churches) is a classical Bolognese Osteria located next to beautiful Piazza St Stefano, at the heart of Bologna city.

I fell in love with this place because of its authentic and vivid atmosphere, and, of course, delicious food. In fact the place is so tiny that you might find yourself back to back with other costumers, which adds to the authenticity of this cozy osteria. Le Sette chiese is a great example of eating well spending little.

Piazza St Stefano

.Date night 2.IMG_1449

The menu includes

“Affetati” trays (charcuterie from different regions) with typical Tigelle bread from Modena  and Piadina from Romagna. This is the best deal you can get if you’re sharing. Portions are huge ,and I have actually never been able to finish one.

As a first course there are a selection of pastas and risottos which are likely to vary from day to day. The  “gramigna con salsiccia e funghi” is an excellent choice.

If you are still hungry there is a variety of second course dishes. One of my favorites is the “Carne Salada”( typical from the northern region of Trentino) with parmigano and rucola!

There is a small choice of wines. The red of the house is surprisingly good!

Day night 3Day night 4IMG_1442
Date Night 1

A presto!

Key Information.Location:  Via Borgonuovo 6/b 40125, Bologna (too see map please click here).Cuisine: Traditional Bolognese.Price: 15- 20 € Per head.11.30 AM- 3PM and 7.30 PM- 3.30 AM.
And now… your comments!!

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