1,2,3… Pasta Carbonara!

Carbonara 3

Pasta alla carbonara…

Pasta alla Carbonara  is the ultimate Italian dish.

Carbonara 5

It is also easy and fast to make. For this recipe you will only need five ingredients. And it is absolutely  delicious!!!

You will need:

-Pasta (preferably spaghetti)



-Black pepper

-Pecorino or Parmesan cheese

Carbonara is a typical recipe from Rome, of unknown origin, the name reminds us of the italian word “Carbone”, which means coal. So don’t be afraid of putting too much black pepper, the name demands it!

Step 1:

Put water to boil. Add salt, no oil.  Don’t throw in the pasta until the water is boiling, calculate 100g of pasta per person.

 Step 2:

Chop bacon and stir fry .

Carbonara 9Carbonara 6Carbonara 8

Step 3:

Beat 1 egg per person + salt and black pepper.

Step 4:

When the pasta is al dente throw it into the sauce pan with the bacon. Fire off. Stir. Add egg mix. Stir. Make sure the egg does not cook (if u want to make it more juicy u can add a spoon of the water in which the pasta boiled…a little italian secret)

Step 5:

Add a bit olive oil and Roman Pecorino cheese (parmesan is good too).

Pronto ! ! !



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