Breakfast at the Giardini Margherita

Gardini 3

A Sunday at the Margherita Gardens….

IMG_3546I woke up early, not too early but early enough to take full advantage of the morning. After having a cup of coffee and reading the news I decided to head out for some serious breakfast. After almost two weeks of non-stop rain the sun had finally decided to make an appearance, hence with no hesitation I had a shower and went out. I immediately decided to go to the cafe at the Giardini Margherita, which happens to have a terrace overlooking the lake.


The Gardini inaugurated in the 19th century are considered Bologna’s historical park. The are also the closest to the city centre and 5 minutes away from where I live. They have long avenues  full of exotic trees surrounded by green lawns of grass. At the heart of the giardini there is a lake full of animals with a bar built in the middle that turns into a club in summer nights.




They sell good coffee and some dolci. In the evenings you can also order a sprit with an apertivo.






Every year fo the past 11 years the Giardini hosts a thematic fair on gardening and garden life, usually in the middle of spring when the weather makes one’s garden the most enjoyable place in the house (or one’s terrace as in my case). They sell everything from plants and basic tools to garden jacuzzies and the most outrageous barbecues.

IMG_3563Flower MarketIMG_3559

My favourite parts where, of course, the food stands. Although few in number, Italy’s major regions were represented. For lunch we had a typical Sicilian Arancino and for dessert  shared a Napolitan Pastarella (stuffed with ricotta and candied fruit). And of course I bought some flowers to bring back home with me.

I finished the day with a late evening Ice cream..

Ice cream

PS. Next posts will be “The one on Cars.”


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