Pranzo Da Anna



I went out for lunch at this restaurant during the Easter holidays. I was spending the weekend with Italian Macho’s family in Forli. On Sunday they decided to take me to the perfect place to taste typical food from Romagna .

Found in Forlimpopoli (Map here); which is a small town of around 12000 inhabitants located on the Via Emilia; a Roman road which stretches from Rimini to Piacenza traversing numerous cities along the way .

Anna is famous for its pastas, which are made every day with fresh products from the region. Romagnolan cuisine is known to be quite heavy and greasy; Tagliatelle with “ragu” sauce is one of its star dishes!

We had…

Passateli and Tagliatelle

Passateli with Prosciutto and Rucola

(Passateli is a kind of pasta made of bread crumbs, eggs, grated parmesan cheese, nutmeg and  lemon. Usually but not necessarily made of leftovers)


Tagliatelle with sausage sauce and asparagus.

Anna 2.1

Anna 4

Cheese & Pear Ravioli

Potato Tortelli with “formaggio di fossa”(literally pit cheese;  it is considered a delicacy only produced in Emilia Romagna).

And as a second…

The Carpaccio with rucola, parmigiano and lemon and the roasted lamb with side grilled veggies.

Diapositiva1For dessert we shared  Crème anglaise and Tiramisu.

To drink we started off with  Prossecco followed by red wine (a San Giovese of course; being the typical wine of the region !).

Anna  8


Everything was delicious and I strongly recommend this place if you are travelling around the region and want a authentic non touristy  restaurant.








Key Information:

Location: Via Giacomo Matteotti, 13, 47034 Forlimpopoli, Italia

Cuisine: Italian.

Price: 30 E/per head.



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