Colazione Da Bianca

colazione da bianca


Colazione da Bianca (Breakfast da Bianca) is a cosy colourful cafe on via St Stefano . It is one of those places you always notice when passing by and yet never find the time to try. However, once you go in it is hard not to go back. It is a great place to meet up with friends or simply read a book.

The breakfast is excellent, great coffee with a fabulous variety of dolci . I have not yet tried their salty “colazione”, but have to admit it looks delicious. The service and presentation is excellent. It is a bit expensive in comparison to the average coffee house in the area, but in my opinion totally worth it. Yes… I am afraid I have become a regular.

IMG_1094 IMG_1096IMG_1098

In addition they also sell books and regional treats ideal to take with you as a souvenir or gift.



Arrivederci and Buona giornata


3 thoughts on “COLAZIONE DA BIANCA

  1. Dear Teresa, Mummy told me about your site and it has made me even more excited about seeing you and Tom when we are there from June 6th. When we were in Valencia, mummy ordered the biggest breakfasts and i put on 4 kilos in 3 days!! Looking forward to meeting you in June!!
    Besos David

    • Hello David!!

      I really look forward to meeting you too! I have heard so much about you I have to say I am very excited! Italy is a food paradise and my boyfriend Tom knows a few great places, so I advice you go on a mini diet just beforehand.

      Off to Alicante now,

      See you in June!



  2. Hi Teresa! Mini diet! First i go to Madrid on the 9th and we always eat lots and see friends and discover new restaurants and after that we go to Sotogrande and will send you lots of photos of mummy getting brown! The food at my cousin’s house is seriously good and very Spanish so we might send you pictures when we are fully dressed! Then we start the diet for Bologna which is my first time in Italy for a very long time and I am really looking forward to meeting you and Tom and discovering your beautiful city and going with you both to see the sites and the FOOD!!
    Have a great time in Alicante and lots of sun!

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